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Batman-beyond 2
Real Name Terry McGinnis
Aliases Batman Beyond, The Dark Knight, The Tomorrow Knight
Identity Secret
Species Human
Nationality American
Base Of Operations Gotham City
Gender Male
Height 5'11"
Weight 180lbs
Eyes Blue
Hair Black
Marital Status Single
Occupation Personal Assistant To Bruce Wayne
First Appearance Justice League Beyond Vol. 1 Issue 001

Batman is the superheroic protector of Gotham City. Adopting the mantle left abandoned by the original Batman, he patrols his city and occasionally aids the Justice League.


The new Batman first appeared in Gotham City in 2034, sighted near the Wayne-Powers headquarters. It was not the first time that people had claimed that Batman had returned but after increased levels of sightings and some high-profile arrests (including the capture of Inque, one of the world's most wanted thieves) he went from a joke to taking over the urban legend left by the original.

Despite the sinister outfit, this Batman has often been mentioned by those who see him as more jovial than the previous one, cracking jokes as he battles his adversaries. In his year of activity he has managed to rack up an impressive gallery of regular foes.

He was a founding member of the Justice League International.


The Batsuit is a close-fitting power suit made from thin yet powerful material. Externally it resembles a black full-body suit with a red bat sumbol on the chest, large bat-ears from the head and red "webbing" between the arms and body which form a short cape.

The suit is not overtly metallic in nature, appearing more like some sort of synthetic clothing material at first glance.


The current Batman draws much of his ability from his power suit. While wearing it, he has the following abilties:

  • Enhanced Strength (Able to lift approximately 6 tons)
  • Flight (Flight speed of 60mph)
  • Armour Protection (Able to completely ignore unarmed strikes from the average human male)
  • Invisiblty (Concealed from normal human vision only)
  • Enhanced Senses (Including darkvision, infravision, ultra-hearing and improved hearing through physical obstacles like windows.)
  • Finger-Mounted Claws
  • In-Built "Batarang" Arsenal (Including bladed, flash-bang, smoke, tangle and grappnel Batarangs)

In addition to his suit, Batman himself has trained in various athletic and intellectural disciplines. He is a skilled unarmed fighter with a focus on wrestling-style moves. His skill with throwing batarangs is also impressive.

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