Real Name Derek Powers
Identity Public
Species Human
Nationality American
Base Of Operations Gotham City
Gender Male
Height 6' 0"
Eyes Brown
Hair White
Marital Status Divorced
Occupation Former CEO Of Wayne-Powers
First Appearance Justice League Beyond Vol. 2 Issue 003
Blight is a radioactive supervillain who operates in and around Gotham City and the mutated form of businessman Derek Powers.

History Edit

Business mogul Derek Powers was injured by one of his own biological weapons when Batman followed up on a lead as to the secret sale of said weapon. In order to prevent his death, Derek had to receive radiotherapy. However, the radiation interacted with the biological weapon and Derek's physiology in an unexpected way, converting his body into a walking Palmerium battery.

Derek's money and prestige allowed him to cover up his new powers and even go about his daily life, thanks to the aid of synthetic skin, pigmentation drugs and carefully applied make-up. However such treatments were temporary and limited his ability to carry on his work - and did nothign to deal with the background radiation he was still emitting. He therefore sought ought people capable of curing him. He took to using the code-name Blight when doing so.

Derek Powers was arrested during one such attempted, working with the Matter Master who claimed his transformation powers could be used to revert his body into a non-radioactive form. Despite an escape attempt his secret identity was uncovered and he was recaptured, sealed up in a lead case by Zachary Zatara.

Appearance Edit

Blight appears as a glowing green figure, with translucent skin that means the skeleton can be seen beneath as a black silhouette. A permanent aura of energy seems to flicker around him.

With the application of the correct drugs and cosmetics his skin is able to temporarily take on a realistic appearance, in which case Derek Powers looks normal again. However, this fades with time and also with anger - and any use of his powers is likely to break the facade.

Powers Edit

Blight's body is radioactive, constantly acting as a huge lump of Palmerium. (An unstable element not found in nature.) He gives off dangerous amounts of radiation even passively that makes it lethal to be near him let alone touch without some form of protection. He has no control over this.

Powers can, however, harness this into destructive bursts which emerge from his hands as bursts or balls of power. These can pack an enormous destructive force, although the radiation they are composed of can prove a more insidious threat than any initial bruise.

He can heat and irradiate mundane objects, making them dangerous to normal people.

Blight himself is immune to radiation.

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