Justice League Roll Call


Vol. 7 Issue 003
Series Justice League Beyond
Volume Volume 7
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Next issue Vol. 7 Issue 005

Summary Edit

  • The Teen Titans are visited by some members of the Justice League for a training game of "Capture the Flag"
  • Training is interrupted by Green Lantern (Kai-Ro) who calls for active Justice League members to come to Assam in Northern India.
  • Strange steam-powered robots have appeared at the prospective site of "Bandhana City" and kidnapped business magnate Yamahil Adani... and his brother (and secret Justice League member) Akshay Adani
  • Foundry identifies the steam-powered robots as having teleported from another dimension, an alternate reality that is "far away" in a multiversal geographical sense.
  • Animal Woman, Cormac, Summer and Resurrection Man join Zachary Zatara as he uses a magical ritual to follow the robots...
  • ...and appear in the Victorian-flavoured word of Kalighoul, where steam- and soul-powered machinery fills the world and a Mister Henry Phage is the absolute tyrant.
  • Vulgar Bootmen, the robotic shocktroops of Kalighoul, harass a New Yorrick Times seller... but encounter resistance from the Justice League that they weren't expecting.
  • Phage appears to be collecting people and objects from alternate universes - as well as crushing this world both metaphorically and physcially from his giant rolling city.
  • Summer and Zachary lead the group into the giant city, breaking into a rich person's abode near the top of the city and slipping into less garish and more local-styled clothing.
  • From his penthouse, Henry Phage considers what to do with his latest captives.

Notes Edit